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We Fuel Your Account
You Trade our Capital

Fortunes Funding was created by traders for traders. We are here to work alongside you as your partner. We have some of the best scaling plans in the prop firm space and give everyone the opportunity to have access to funding. As a Fortunes Funding Trader, you are eligible to keep 80% of the profits you generate. Our company covers all losses, if any.

There are no restrictions on trading style and the actual trading strategy you choose during the demo evaluation is completely up to you.

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Meet Fortunes Funding

The Fueled Cycle.

Purchase one of our Trading plans with account sizes from 50k – 200k. For a small
fee you will be able to trade on a demo account with one of these allotted account
sizes to show us your skill!

Fast Setup

Once you have purchased a plan, you will be emailed all the credentials you need to
start trading. Simply Download the MT4 application on your phone or computer and
start trading within the perimeters of your challenge.

Our Reporting System

Once you have purchased your plan and created your account you will now have
access to the Fueled Dashboard. Here you will be able to track your trades in real
time and see how close you are to the success of a Live funded account.

Things to Keep in Mind

Keep in mind that you must pass Phase 1 and Phase 2 before you become a Fueled
trader. Our rules and regulations are monitored precisely and detailed in our plans.
Please read our FAQ’s page to get further details on the rules before trading your

Fueled Accounts

Congratulations! Once you successfully pass our evaluation process you can now
play with the house money! It’s like being in Vegas, only better! Trade for real profits.
Our scaling plan is available for any traders with major success!

Claim your profits

Withdrawal 80% of whatever you make on your trades. Traders must have their Trade
Fuel account active for 14 days prior to receiving their first payout. This means that all
funded members can request a payout after 14 days from their first trading day.