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Fortunes Funding operates an innovative funded trading program for cryptocurrency and Forex specialists. But to qualify, you must pass either a one- or two-phase challenge. The one-phase challenge leads more directly to funded trading opportunities but has narrower and more demanding performance targets. The two-phase challenge includes an additional verification step but operates under slightly looser constraints.

Retail and day traders who succeed earn the chance to manage as much as $500,000 in evaluation firm funding. Funded traders receive payout splits of 80%, which can rise to 90% after account scaling.

Traders who want to prove themselves can take advantage of this excellent opportunity to secure funding and earn payout shares. Let’s look more closely at the Fortunes Funding one- and two-phase challenges.

The One-Phase Funded Trading Challenge

Fortunes Funding designed its one-phase challenge to provide aspiring traders with an efficient, direct path to professional opportunities. It features two steps: an evaluation phase and a funding phase.

During the evaluation phase, you can use expert advisors (EAs), and macroeconomic news trading is also allowed. Participants have an unlimited maximum number of trading days to meet their targets and a minimum of one day.

The funding phase puts your trading strategies on full display. While you still have access to EAs during this phase, you can no longer trade news. This involves restrictions on trading for two minutes both prior to and following a “red folder” news event. During this four-minute span, you cannot open or close orders, take payouts, or stop losses.

If you violate the news-related trading restrictions, you can receive up to two warnings. Any payouts you made during the four-minute restriction period will be deducted from your simulated account. Should you violate the restriction a third time, you’ll forfeit your account.

The following additional specifics apply to the one-phase funded trading challenge:

You can participate in the one-phase challenge with virtual starting balances of $5,000–$200,000. Refundable fees operate on a sliding scale. They begin at $69 for a $5,000 starting balance and extend to $975 for a starting balance of $200,000.

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The Two-Phase Funded Trading Challenge

Fortunes Funding’s two-phase funded trading challenge has evaluation and verification phases. The evaluation phase tests your ability to succeed as a retail trader. Then, the verification phase authenticates your trading strategy and serves as an additional check on your initial evaluation.

The Evaluation Phase

During the Fortunes Funding evaluation phase, your goal is to pass the challenge by meeting your payout target without violating your drawdown limit. You have an unlimited number of trading days to pass the evaluation phase. There are no minimums on the number of trading days you can use to satisfy the requirements.

The following general terms apply:

Daily drawdowns (losses) apply to your initial virtual daily balance, which represents either your previous trading day’s ending virtual balance or your equity (whichever is greater). Overall drawdowns are based on the initial balance you purchased when you enrolled in the challenge.

Like the one-phase challenge, you can select an initial virtual balance from a range. The range begins at $5,000 in funds and goes as high as $300,000. Refundable fees range from $69 to $1,419. Fees rise as you choose a higher initial balance.

If you violate either your daily or overall drawdown limits, you lose the challenge. To continue participating, you’ll have to purchase a new simulated account and begin the challenge again.

The Verification Phase

To pass the verification phase, you must hit the following targets:

As in the evaluation phase, there are no minimums or maximums on the number of days you have to meet your objectives. But there’s one important difference to note: while participants don’t have access to leverage during the evaluation phase, they can use up to 100x leverage during the verification phase.

If you pass the verification phase, Fortunes Funding will invite you into its official funded trading program. This gives you the opportunity to earn payout sharess.

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Regular vs. Swing Trading

Participants in the two-phase funded trading challenge can take part in either regular or swing trading:

Account Inactivity

You have an unlimited number of trading days to pass the Fortunes Funding challenge. But accounts that remain inactive for at least 30 consecutive calendar days will automatically be disabled.

You can reactivate your account, but you’ll need to seek assistance from Fortunes Funding via live chat or email. Fortunes Funding will then give you new account login details so you can continue with your challenge.

More Things to Know About the Fortunes Funding Challenge

Starting the Fortunes Funding funded trading challenge is a simple four-step process:

  1. Look at the pricing and funding options. For all challenges, they begin at $5,000 in funding and extend as high as $300,000. Fees rise as you select a higher virtual initial balance. Payout and loss targets are proportionally calculated and are identical, no matter what funding level you select.
  2. Choose the challenge that best matches your cryptocurrency and Forex trading strategies and your personal trading philosophy.
  3. Proceed through the checkout process. During this stage, Fortunes Funding will process your payment for the challenge you selected. Your fee is refundable.
  4. After your payment is processed, follow the instructions provided by email to activate your simulated account. You should receive these instructions within a few minutes. But in some cases, a delay of up to a few hours may occur.

Fortunes Funding also has its own Discord channel. Use the channel to connect with other challenge participants and request information directly from Fortunes Funding.

Paying for Your Challenge

You can pay for your Fortunes Funding trading challenge with a credit card or cryptocurrency. Crypto options include:

If you pay with cryptocurrency, be sure to complete payment within one hour of the issuance of your Coinbase invoice. This helps protect both you and Fortunes Funding from any fluctuations in the value of the cryptocurrency you’re using as payment.

It’s also important to note that the USDC, ETH, and DAI payments must be submitted via ERC-20. If you use any other network, we won’t receive your payment, nor will we be able to help you recover your funds.

Identity Verification for Funded Traders

To start as a funded trader with Fortunes Funding, you’ll need to provide a few documents. This document verification step enables Fortunes Funding to authenticate your identity, issue trading accounts, and distribute any payouts you may earn.

The ID verification and know-your-customer/anti-money-laundering (KYC/AML) screening processes usually take less than five minutes to complete. To begin, you’ll need to furnish:

Participants submit these documents through a secure SumSub link, which you’ll receive after you pass either the one- or two-phase challenge.

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Get Your Start in Funded Trading With Fortunes Funding

The Fortunes Funding funded trading challenges offer an incredible opportunity to retail and day traders. Upon passing either the one- or the two-phase challenge, you can become a funded trader with the Fortunes Funding evaluation firm. You’ll then get to keep at least 80% of the payout shares you generate and can secure a payout split of 90% with account scaling.

Fortunes Funding designed the challenge so that skilled cryptocurrency and Forex specialists with viable trading strategies can succeed. The program provides a clear path to opportunity. It’s meant to connect emerging trading talent with the opportunity to become professional traders.

Visit the Fortunes Funding challenge dashboard to get started. Select your starting virtual balance, platform, broker, and simulated account type.

Fortunes Funding offers challenge programs for retail traders who want to prove their trading strategies and earn evaluation firm funding. It’s often compared to the popular FTMO challenge programs.

This guide offers a side-by-side comparison of the FTMO and Fortunes Funding Standard Challenges. Our goal is to help you decide which challenge program is a better match for your trading strategy and style.

FTMO Standard Challenge

The FTMO Standard Challenge is the first step in the firm’s evaluation process. Basically, it gives participants a platform to test out their trading strategies. To succeed, participants must display a consistent ability to earn payouts, manage risk, and limit virtual losses.

In the FTMO Standard Challenge, participants start with an initial virtual balance of $10,000–$200,000. You’ll have a minimum trading period of four days with no maximums. To pass the challenge, you must meet the following basic conditions:

News trading is allowed. Participants can also keep their positions open overnight and during weekends. What’s more, all asset classes supported in your trading platform are permissible. These may include stocks, indices, commodities, Forex, and cryptocurrency.

FTMO challenge for traders
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FTMO Challenge Pros and Cons

The FTMO Challenge has both positives and negatives. Here’s what participants like about it:

On the downside, participants have cited the following drawbacks:

Fortunes Funding Standard Challenge

Unlike the FTMO Challenge, Fortunes Funding offers both one- and two-phase challenges. These programs give retail index, cryptocurrency, and Forex traders more options as they seek to secure evaluation firm funding.

The basics of the one-phase challenge are:

Simulated accounts for the one-phase challenge start at $5,000 in funds and go up to $200,000.

The two-phase challenge is similar but has two parts: challenge and verification. During the challenge phase, you must meet the following targets:

If you pass the challenge phase, you can proceed to the verification phase. To pass it, you must satisfy these terms:

Leverage isn’t available during the challenge phase, but participants in the verification phase can use up to 100x. The two-phase challenge also has a wider trading range than the FTMO Challenge. Its minimum starting virtual balance is $5,000, and the maximum is $300,000.

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Fortunes Funding Challenge Pros and Cons

Here’s what participants like about the Fortunes Funding program:

There are also a few cons to consider:

Get Started With Fortunes Funding

Compared to the FTMO Standard Challenge, the Fortunes Funding program offers more attainable payout targets, more flexible challenge terms, and higher levels of payout-sharing for funded traders.

The Fortunes Funding Challenge also supports a broader diversity of trading styles. In general, it’s a better option for newcomers who want to make their mark.

Visit Fortunes Funding to learn more and sign up for the challenge of your choice.